Sunday, February 24, 2008

About This Blog

This blog is the result of a New Year's resolution. I have a good-sized collection of classical music at home that has been collecting dust for years, and I wanted to make 2008 the year that I actually made an effort to listen to it. All of it.

I have a reasonably thorough musical education, having played trumpet throughout elementary, middle and high school. I was also principal trumpet in my university wind ensemble for two years before I gave up playing. I also have some basic grounding in music theory and composition, although it's gone quite stale through years of disuse.

However, there is much that I don't know about classical music, and one of the purposes of this blog is to force me, in a public forum no less, to learn and share thoughts about the discs in my collection as I listen to them. I'll also link to music selections on that are applicable to the composer or composition I'm featuring. Occasionally I'll write posts that hopefully will assist others who may share the goal of listening and experiencing more classical music--it's truly an amazing and diverse art form that is underappreciated in the era of three-minute-long popular music downloads.

The posting rate for this blog should be about 2 posts per week. Over the course of 2008, then, I should be able to listen to 101 CDs--my entire classical music collection!


MyMusic said...

Brilliant idea! I feel inspired to do the same - I keep meaning to listen to all my classical CDs and get to know the lesser know ones more intimately, but I always end up listening to the same old favourites - you've motivated me!

玉女天皇 said...

Dear Noble Gentleman: Is there any way you could make your classic music collection available for the public to appreciate? Please let me know if you already have a channel like Youtube. Thanks! ---